Cream of Grape Must

Cream of Grape Must

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“Cream of grape must”

Grape variety:

Selected red grapes

Production area:

Valle d'Itria

Working process:

Must is heated over a direct flame. During the evaporation, there is a concentration of sugary nectar and the final product is dense like melted honey

Organoleptic notes:

Caramel red color , ripe fruit scent (dried grape), sweet and lingering taste

Gastronomic mating:

Ideal with bleu spicy and grassy cheese , red and white meat, vegetables, strawberries, homemade ice-cream, dark molten chocolate cakes, dried fruit pastry, pettole and cartellate (typical Christmas food)

Method of preservation:

In the dark

Serving temperature: 18-20°d.
Available size: Bottles of lt. 0,500 /0,250