Cooked Figs

Cooked Figs

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"Cooked Figs"


Riped figs

Production area:

Valle d'Itria

Working process:

Figs are collected at the end of September and they become dried. They are rehydrated with water, cooked and then reduced for a few hours, until water evaporation and concenteation of natural sugars of the fruit. Finally it is filtered and put in dark bottles

Organoleptic notes:

It smells not only like figs but also like deep dried fruit, spices and bitter cocoa. It is not very sweet , but it has the right balance between bitter and sweet flavour which is typical of Apulian figs

Gastronomic mating:

It could be added to the typical Apulian cartellate, but also saldas, boiled or grilled meat, fresh water fish, cheese and panettoni (Christmas cakes) Moreover it could be used to prepare delicious legume soups

Method of preservation:

In the dark

Serving temperature: 18-20°d
Available size: Bottles of lt. 0,500/ 0,250