Vigneto Colucci

Vigneto Colucci

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“Vigneto Colucci” Minutolo - Valle D'Itria I.G.P.

Grape variety:

Fiano Minutolo

Name: Valle d’Itria protected geographical indication
Production area:

Valle D'Itria


410 mt. above the sea

Land tipology:

Rich of clay and calcareous plots of land

Vineyard age:

From 15 to 30 years old

Cultivation method:


Numner of stumps for hectare:


Grape production for hectare:

About Kg.8.500

Wine production each 100 kg of grape:

Liter 60

Grape harvest age:

End of September first decade of October

Harvest method: Manual in small boxes
Wine process: Grapes are picked up and brought into cellar, where they are cooled in order to save organoleptic properties, they are pressed and then ferment at balanced temperature. After fermenting, wine is decanted and kept at low temperature in stainless steel for three months
Organoleptic notes: Straw yellow colour with green reflex, pleasant scent, rich and armonic taste
Gastronomic mating: Excellent with sea food, crustaceans and grilled fish
Alcohol content: 12% vol.
Serving temperature: 8-10°d.
Available size: Box for 6 bottles of lt. 0,750